Signie of the Month | Axis CNC Routered Innovators | Russell Thorogood & Leon Pryce

In 2001 Axis CNC Routered Innovations was established by a couple of magnum young guns in their 20’s.  Although they are more like colt 45’s with silencers today, owners Russell Thorogood and Leon Pryce still are running a state of the art routering and manufacturing service and have never looked back……

The only time they ever took the opportunity to looked back was to reflect on the premises they moved from, as this is their 4th time on the move.  The reason they have moved again, is because their business is continually growing and I am sure there wouldn’t be many sign companies in NZ that don’t deal with these guys.
Their latest move to Irongate Road in Hastings is a new 2000 square metre purpose built premises and being the forward thinking duo they are, the factory is solar powered to completely run their factory when the sun is shining and when the sun ain’t shining they make their own beer for the Friday night functions .. What a work place!
They pride themselves on getting it right first time and on time with no product they can’t cut or completely manufacture.  They manufacture to the marine and furniture industries also, but supplying signage to the sign industry is their core business and wish to continue that way.  They have 4 CNC routers and 2 CNC lasers, plus countless of other bits of gear and toys.  13 staff help to run and assist the day to day running of this business and if they employed two more people they could field a rugby team, wouldn’t surprise me!
Axis is a mad supporter for the industry from supplying our golf trophies for our golf day to supplying materials for letterheads and Letterhead trophies and always being part of our Conferences, Awards and Expos, there wouldn’t be many Expos where these guys haven’t been present. They have won countless awards as suppliers to successful signies at the NZSDA Awards nights.
Leon is a mad keen fisherman and Russell is just as mad with jet skiing (probably routered their own boat & jetski). We wish Axis all the best in their new premises and hope this is the last move for some time.  Good Signing.


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