Our People

The four key members of the board will advance and rotate every two years to ensure continuity in these roles with three members remaining part of the board in an advisory capacity of which are not obliged to commit or advance beyond this role. Only when this period arises is a new member selected and nominated to the board to fill the role of Vice President in Waiting.

All members of the board are obliged to attend all monthly meetings, attend and participate at the annual conference and awards evening in an official capacity..

The current NZSDA board comprises of:

Andy Lowe
Vice President:
Shae Goom
Immediate Past President:
Paul Walters
Advisory Members:
Leanne Freeman

Advisory Members:
Logan Sutton

The NZSDA has a dedicated team that provides various aspects to the Association that will mostly benefit our members which include technology, communications, legal, events, education and training, finance and product management.

+NZSDA Administration:
Melissa Coutts  | Administration & Marketing | Events & PR Communications  | Secretary

+Signee NZ Ltd:
Laura McConchie | Training and Communications Officer

Our Honorary Members

Nick Baty (elected 2021)
Noel Morrison (elected 2018)
Ross Probert, (elected 2016)
Chris Field (elected 2015)
Jo Hulsdouw (elected 2014)
Max Kearney (elected 2005)
Ian Smyth (elected 2000)
Robin Mansfield (elected 1995)
Tony Peek (elected 1998)


Colin Blomfield (elected 1994)
Val Blomfield (elected 1983)
Jack Nicholls (elected 1983)
Keith Langstone (elected 1986)
Maurice Wootton (elected 1987)
Bill Wellington (elected 1988)
Les Berridge (elected 1994)

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