Currently the Association has approximately 240 Members’.  These members are widely spread throughout the country ranging in size from larger businesses to sole proprietors. As a NZSDA Member you are a trusted part of a network of signage/display professional who meet regularly at a local and national level. We have individual memberships, business memberships and associate memberships for industry suppliers. .

Membership Criteria

Our membership criteria is integral to ensuring a level of quality throughout our organisation. Any individual or business undertaking the manufacture of signage and or display materials, or supplying materials or elements of signage to sign companies, that meets membership criteria are eligible to join. Key Attributes are to be able to prove sound ethical and honest business practices, industry experience and knowledge, the willingness to share knowledge and network with other industry professionals and commitment to participate with Association meetings events and conferences.

Application Process

Upon applying, a small processing fee of $83.00 + GST is charged to an applicant. A screening process is instigated upon receipt of the application fee. The applicant supplies referees and other evidential materials such as photos of completed work, copies of any training certification, experience levels etc. Once NZSDA due diligence is completed, an official notice is published in the Association’s monthly newsletter the Sign-e News and social media channels for three consecutive months, if during this period any existing NZSDA member raises an objection to membership being granted, then further consideration is required by the Executive Board.  Assuming that the application is accepted, then the individual or business applicant becomes a member.

All membership is granted on the assumption the member continues to meet these criteria. Membership can be revoked by the Executive Board upon investigation of any objection or complaint received.

All new members will be given access to our private online members section, where a library of tools, information and resources are made available to download anywhere, anytime.  A Welcome Pack will also be sent once membership has been processed and approved which includes complimentary member’s diaries.

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