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Are you wanting a solid point of difference from your competitors?
Do you want to help create public awareness of professional sign makers?
Are you an industry leader, with a passion for your craft?
Then this is the way forward… Become a Master Sign Maker


What is an Accredited Master Sign Maker?
The Master Sign Maker brand is recognised as a mark of exceptional quality and is awarded by the New Zealand Sign and display Association board, after a very thorough appraisal of applicants work practices and ethics, production techniques and business practice.

A NZSDA Member who holds this accreditation falls into the elite category of the finest in our industry.  This member has proven to be highly proficient in a wide range of signage solutions, design, branding techniques and production methods.  They have demonstrated over a sustainable period to be reliable, trustworthy and competent business practitioners …… making them genuine Signage Masters.


Why become a Master Sign Maker?
With continual changes and technological advances, sign making has developed into one of the most technically diverse production processes of any industry today, from traditional hand lettering and illustration, to digitally generated signage and brand management.  It goes without saying that many sign businesses have therefore invested heavily into training, innovation and general industry expertise, making their business stand out from the rest, giving them the competitive edge and improving standards for our industry as they progress.

Obtaining the Master Sign Makers Accreditation, moves your business to the next level.  It demonstrates to the market the high standard of professionalism, quality in service and knowledge, experience and expertise that your business holds above all others, locally or nationwide.


How to become an Accredited Master Sign Maker
There are four steps to becoming a Master Sign Maker, they are set out as follows:

Step 1:  Once initial enquiry has been received, the Membership Officer will send an application form.  The application form must be fully completed, including any additional attachments (electronic or hard copy) or documentation proving substance of quality and service as outlined on application, plus full payment of fee.  Once the Membership Officer has received the full application, the appraisal process will commence.

Step 2:   The applicant will be contacted by the Membership Officer to arrange a suitable time for an NZSDA approved auditor to interview the  applicant at their place of business.  The NZSDA approved auditor will ask many detailed questions to gain a greater understanding of the applicants business practices and work processes.  Note:  Information gathered through this process is strictly confidential and only used for the purpose of this Accreditation.

Step 3:  A report will be compiled and given to the NZSDA board for review and or approval.  The applicant will be notified in writing once a decision has been made.

Step 4:  If an applicant was unsuccessful on first attempt at the accreditation, the board may suggest and or assist in providing beneficial training to help achieve the level that must be reached to hold the Master Sign Makers Accreditation.  If application was successful, the accreditation is granted and the applicant will receive a certificate of achievement and the rights to display the Master Sign Makers Logo with pride.

Application Fee
A one off fee of $1,200 + GST is payable upon applying for the Master Sign Makers Accreditation.  If the applicant is unsuccessful the fee is non-refundable and remains valid until the levels of criteria can be met by the applicant, therefore achieving accreditation.  The Accreditation remains valid and its benefits may be utilised for the life of the Master Sign Makers membership with the NZSDA.

To find out more about the application criteria or to apply, download our Master Sign Makers Application form today!

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