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Are you wanting a solid point of difference from your competitors?
Do you want to help create public awareness of professional sign makers?
Are you an industry leader, with a passion for your craft?
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What is a Master Sign Maker Accreditation?

In our industry a member that has proven over time to be highly proficient in a wide range of signage solutions, creative designs and production methods and techniques, as well as having shown to be reliable, trustworthy and competent is a true representation of what it takes to be a Master Sign Maker.

This accreditation can be awarded to either an individual sign maker or sign making business. This accreditation will follow the individual or reside with the business that applied for the accreditation, as long as the minimum requirements of a Master Sign Maker are being satisfied.

The Benefits of becoming a Master Sign Maker

The Master Sign Maker Brand is industry recognised nationwide. The symbol offers many direct benefits.

  • It highlights your competence and credibility.
  • Gives you national recognition within the industry, authorities and regulators.
  • Informs your clients you have met the highest level of assessment and professionalism within the industry.
  • Flags your ability to meet mandatory regularly requirements.
  • Strengthens your ability to compete overall.

An accreditation of any sort is increasingly important as the rapid growth of the business world advances with technologies and innovations, making it a highly complex environment. By obtaining a Master Sign Maker accreditation it can provide the certainty for your clients in a world where standardisation and certification are an integral part of the economy.

Unlike other industries Sign Making has developed into one of the most technically diverse of manufacturing processes of any industry, from design illustrations and brand management to traditional hand lettering and digitally generated signage. From this it is very apparent that a professional, modern sign shop of today must invest with every effort and funds to ensure that they are up keeping with the continual changes that this industry dictates.

Becoming a Master Sign Maker encompasses all the grit, determination and professionalism to be the very best in your field, to raise the industry standards and most importantly giving you the overall competitive edge.

 Applying for a Master Sign Makers Accreditation

The Master Sign Maker accreditation is awarded by the New Zealand Sign & Display Association management board after a thorough appraisal of production techniques and business practice.

The minimum criteria differ somewhat between the individual application or a business application, so be sure to choose the correct form to be considered.  An applicant must meet the following criteria outlined in the documents below:

Business Application Inquiry Form

Individual Application Inquiry Form

Steps for applying for an Accreditation

Below is a broad description of the steps involved in becoming an accredited Master Sign Maker through the NZSDA.

It is important to note that the length of time it takes to become accredited depends heavily on the quality and completeness of your application. If your application is incomplete, NZSDA Executive board will automatically return it to you for further action. We will do this as many times as is required. This will delay your application.

Step 1. Application Process

Firstly, complete the Application Inquiry form, with attached supporting documentation that is required and outlined in the application criteria. Once the NZSDA Executive Board have received your application with supporting documentation they will review and assess your business’s suitability and determine if an accreditation can actually be achieved in the first instance.

If your individual application succeeds with the accreditation process, the NZSDA Executive Board will advise to you that the assessment process will begin and that full payment for the accreditation is required before the assessment can take place.

If your application is inadequate at the outset, the NZSDA Executive board are under no obligation to progress your individual application to accreditation.

Note: You need to be confident that your individual application can meet the conditions outlined in the criteria of accreditation

Step 2: Assessment Process

If your application is accepted, then an on-site visit and interview is conducted by an approved NZSDA auditor. At this visit the auditor will assess your sign making systems and policies. You will need to invest time and effort in preparing a demonstration of your sign making processes, techniques and systems as well as making available your policies. This stage is about you demonstrating that you are an acceptable and capable individual that is worthy of the accreditation. Note; all information shown and provided is strictly confidential and for the sole purpose of this accreditation.

Step 3: Reporting and Decision

The assessment findings are then presented to the NZSDA Executive board to review and to make a decision on whether to grant accreditation and if conditions are to be placed on the accreditation.

If Approved

If your application is approved you are issued a Master Sign Maker Framed Certificate of Accreditation, plus brand guidelines to use with your NZSDA logo and business logo.

Not approved

If your application is not approved on the first attempt a letter will be sent by email outlining the reasons why. The NZSDA Executive board may assist in providing additional training and/or advice so that the required levels of accreditation can be met and achieved.

Application Fees

A one off, non-refundable fee of $1,200+GST is payable once the application has been accepted for the assessment. The accreditation remains valid and its benefits may be utilised for the life of the Master Sign Maker membership. If the applicant is not successful, the fee will not be refunded as it is encouraged and expected that over time the applicant will reapply for a re-evaluation of the criteria to obtain the accreditation.

To find out more about the application criteria or to apply, find the forms here:

Business Application Inquiry Form.

Individual Application Inquiry Form

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