NZSDA Conference

We have been holding the NZSDA conferences for over 50 years and over time they have become the longest running industry event of all time.

Many legends have been and still are very much part of our culture, our network and our learning at conference and without them this event would not be as rich in knowledge and expertise.  Many that form part of our industry culture and that are fully commitment to our industry are very well respected from others in the industry.  The NZSDA Conference is the place to network with the legends, learn of the experts and get social with like-minded people in one place, at one time and for one purpose.  The NZSDA takes pride in the strength of its network, as it is the members that are located throughout New Zealand that are key to the way our culture and industry all come together from far and near to learn and celebrate once a year.

Passion, Purpose & Power
13-15 June 2019 | Tauranga
In 2019 we take our conference to Tauranga.  Programme will be released early 2019.  Included in conference costs is accommodation, daily activities and events.