Wage & Salary Review – Why You should Participate

Approximately three years ago we invited our members to respond to a series of anonymous pricing surveys. We had a good participation rate and this information was collated to form the NZSDA Sign Price Guide which we released in 2017. The feedback that we received about the Price Guide since has been very positive, as the information provided obviously is seen to be extremely valuable to running a successful business.


It is our intention to update and rerelease the Price Guide in 2020 with new sections and adjusted pricing. 


Arguably the most important and useful section we intend to add will be a guide to the range of pay rates for staff within the industry. Clearly this information will be of huge benefit to all companies within the industry, but in order for it to be useful, it must be accurate. This accuracy can only come from the responses we receive from our current Wage and Salary Survey – the more responses we get, the more accurate the results, and therefore the more useful the final report.


We stress that the survey is completely anonymous, and the results published will be medians and averages not specific numbers.


Please make the effort to partake in the survey, it should only take a few minutes, and it will definitely contribute towards the professionalism of our industry in the future.


Thanks in advance.

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