Street posters + social media = magic

Recently Phantom Billstickers released an interesting article on 3-dimensional marketing, which made a lot of sense especially if competing to stand out in today’s marketing world of static, digital and social platforms – it looks like Phantom can offer it all ….

As much as we love technology, something wonderful happens when you give people a real-life encounter with a product at street level – and it starts with the humble shelf.

Phantom Billstickers have been working with smart marketers at Abe’s and Whittakers (plus many others) to stage creative sampling campaigns. They all involve posters in high-traffic sites that have been outfitted with Phantom’s custom-made shelves.

Here’s their quick guide to creating a three-dimensional sensation with street posters, shelves and sampling.

Tease and Reveal – Set up your story with a promise, then deliver. Abe’s used street posters to tell consumers their recipe was changing, and then delivered the goods a week later. We’ve also had people turning up in hordes once they were primed with the knowledge that a chocolate giveaway was on. Free stuff – it never gets old.

Little Touches add big Value – Most media companies will place your ad, and that’s it. Phantom Billstickers have Phantom Labs – our special ops team that loves pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. It could be as simple as coming up with laser-etched branding and wood-stained shelves for the Book Depository campaign, to underscore the library feel. Anything to add impact and set your brand apart

Street Posters + Social Media = Magic – Your fans will feel the love when you let them in on what’s happening. There’s a pretty good chance they’ll spread the word too. While you’re at it, ask Phantom to help. We have 35,000 followers on Facebook alone.

Phantom Billstickers have over 6,500 poster frames across Aotearoa, so your nationwide campaign will be just that. Or you can cherrypick a few high-profile locations and create some street sampling excitement for the tens of thousands of people who walk past those sites every day. Your call.

Over to you now …..