Signie of the Month | Pukka Ltd | Sarah Harridge

4 to 1 is the ratio, made up of Sarah, Charlotte, Jenayna and Suzy, plus Sarah’s husband Andy.  Andy (a kiwi & a builder), I suspect is in charge of installs and stuff like that, so at least he gets to be in charge of something.

Sarah, a native of  Germany, studied her  trade in Ingolstadt, Germany and also spent 3 years obtaining her masters degree in Lahr which is in the Black Forest.  She is pretty clever and found learning english was a piece of cake!  From what I observed Sarah and her team cover most aspects of sign making in a modern  sign shop and are kept pretty busy servicing the needs of customers in Wanaka, which like Queenstown is heaving with growth and population.

Sarah owns an Audi, and has no desire to own anything else, but a Audi!  She is not a big drinker, but if someone forces her into a corner she would have to say that she will enjoy the odd shandy. Not a stein I hope!

The 12th of November was a significant date for Pukka Signs, now having been in business for 5 years in Wanaka. Well done team!  So,  if you are looking for a job in paradise, Pukka Signs are on the look out for a signie, so get on Facebook and look up the job description and if its up your alley, get your CV in and you might get to live the dream too.

Pukka Signs have been a member of the NZSDA for 5 years and have entered many awards over the years and attended NZSDA Expos.

Good Luck team for 2018.