Say goodbye to annoying bubbles with a Bubble-Free table from Cohesive!

By using a Bubble-Free table you can save time and reduce waste when printing and laminating large-scale digital prints onto flat surfaces.  The Bubble-Free Pro Application table is available in  …… a range of sizes enabling effortless customisation. The MDF and glass work surfaces provide an ideal solution for cutting and layering different materials of varying thicknesses.  To fully optimize the advantages of your table, incorporate a KEENCUT cutter as well. This top-notch cutting tool functions seamlessly in conjunction with your table.

If space is tight check out the Bubble-Free mighty Mouse table.  All the benefits of its big brother but on a smaller and more portable scale.

If you’re serious about your work, you owe it to yourself to invest in a Bubble-Free table.

Visit us at or talk to your Cohesive Sales Representative to hear about the advantages and experience the Bubble-Free difference for yourself!