Presidents Post | April

So whats your point?

“Point of difference” is a marketing term that we should all be well aware of, as it can be a game changer for your sign shops marketing and advertising. The signage industry is getting more and more competitive, we are all competing for our slice of the pie. So how do we make our piece that bit bigger.

Developing a point of difference for your company in its perception by potential clients is a great way to swing the vote your way when customers are making that purchasing decision. While price is a major element in that choice it shouldn’t and generally isn’t be the only one. Promoting a point of difference between your company and your competitors gives your potential client more information about why to choose your quote or to contact you in the first place. A large number of customers don’t know the basic ingredients and qualities of good signage so they have very little to base their choice on other than price.

How do you choose your point of difference???

The truth is your existing customers already know your point of difference that’s why they continually use your company. Ask them why they use you, it might be your friendly professional service, your superior design and aesthetics of your work, the quality materials, your use of more sustainable materials or simply the fact you are local. Another option is to promote the type of work you prefer to do and become a “specialist”. Awards and accreditations such as National Sign Awards, NZSDA membership and NZSDA’s Master Sign Maker Accreditation are premium PODs that have proven results for many sign shops.

Promote, promote, promote. Once you have your point of difference defined, building it into your marketing plan or even building your marketing plan around it will give your company better growth and profitability. Whether it’s on your website, vehicle branding, social media or marketing collateral like business cards, getting that point of difference across will help you stand out from the rest.

The understanding and promoting of the point of difference theory is also a great piece of information to share with your clients, help them create their own point of difference and build their business, after all what could be a better point of difference for your signshop than being known to care about the future of your customers businesses.