Presidents Corner – October

Who can believe the speed at which the year has passed us by, as we enter the countdown to summer, daylight savings, the Christmas and the New Year break, and all the regional anniversary days that are placed before or after Waitangi Day from September to April?  All these public events got me thinking about making the most of the next few months especially and the importance of planning for these public holidays days before they arrive.

I am sure that most businesses will be like mine, in that the workload between now and 3rd week of December is probably the highest of the year, and with that upcoming deadline called Christmas, even though it arrives at the same time every year, it always seems to generate that rush, and urgency., almost like it is happening for the first time.

These next few months are a good time to look at the staffing levels, and maybe even consider offering some opportunities to high school-aged people to experience what our industry is all about, and with the added workload, they would experience a bigger variety of different aspects to the industry and would be a valuable added set of hands to help get some jobs done and support the existing team members.

These opportunities could really open the door in the New Year for some creative or hands-on students leaving school to give some serious consideration to joining our industry, which will go a long way to ensuring we have skilled people in our industry, now and into the future.

We are really starting to get some great traction with our Signee program, and are always looking for sign businesses, large and small to offer placements and to help show off all aspects of our industry to new people thinking about joining us in our trade. We are always looking for companies with great team culture, and a real forward-thinking mentality so we can all ensure we have done our best to have a great inflow of new staff with a great work ethic and that creative, think-outside-the-box attitude that is so important for what we do.

Finding information is easy, through our website,, or for direct contact reach out to Laura McConchie at