Presidents Corner – August

2023 is a very exciting year for me, as I have the opportunity to give something back to the industry that has looked after me since the mid-1990’s.  I am looking forward to seeing how our industry shakes off the challenges of the recent Covid years with the decisions made around dealing with it and moving on with the excitement that new technologies and opportunities present.

My term as President of the NZSDA has started off on a very exciting note with our first industry expo since 2018 taking place at the Due Drop Centre in Manukau over the 5th, 6th, and 7th of July.  For this, we teamed up for the 1st time with Print NZ, and it was great to see key suppliers from the Print industry attending the show, and supporting both of our industries, along with our very important suppliers, who put huge efforts into their stands.  There were some stunning setups this year, that really showcased the new printers and products that we as trade shops now have access to. I particularly enjoyed the energy that all the supplier’s team members put into the Expo to make it the success that it was. A huge thank you to everyone involved.

On my walks around, speaking to various people, the general comment was that the show was a great opportunity to get in front of our industry, and that of the Print NZ members, and the general theme of discussions was that the quality of inquiries was high, and time spent visiting each stand was positive. So thank you to all our members for making the effort to support our suppliers. I also want to thank the members who put their hands up to also join the NZSDA board to offer knowledge and energy for our industry to ensure we stay on the right track to support our members the best as we can with the resources we have.

At the conclusion of the Expo, we held the 2023 NZ Sign Display Awards of Excellence, and this year, I was also a judge.  The quality of the projects that were entered was just outstanding, and really shows the skills that we as an industry have, to promote all the brands that operate in our little country. I want to congratulate everyone that went away with an award, that is a great achievement. The evening went well, and it was great to see the dance floor full to capacity until the very end of the evening, which I am sure was a reflection of the positive energy of the evening, the tunes by the band, and also by the slight isolation of the venue. What a great way to keep the moves going on the dancefloor until the end.

I am looking forward to seeing what opportunities and challenges present themselves over the next 12 months, and in particular to our next industry conference, so please save the date for the 13th – 16th June 2024 in the beautiful Hawkes Bay. I am really wanting to see a huge turnout to support the Bay, meet old friends, learn new tricks, and taste the wonderful wines that Hawkes Bay is world famous for.