Expo Exposed | 3M: Reflecting on Brand Visibility Day and Night

When it comes to brand recognition and visibility, vehicle graphic films have proven to be an easy and cost-effective solution to boost the number of impressions. Statistics have shown that fleet advertising generates 15 times more name recognition than other advertising methods*

What solutions are there to gain more value from your vehicle graphics film? Reflective graphic films have become increasingly popular over the past years as they provide visibility under bright and dark conditions offering a 24/7 window to promote your brand. Opening your brand to a broader audience during night commutes increases your impressions to up to 40 percent.

Another major benefit of reflective films are the safety opportunities. The enhanced visibility from reflective films allows fleet vehicles to be detected from farther away and can catch the attention of distracted drivers.

The technology around reflective films has improved significantly to which at times can mirror the quality of conventional (non-reflective) wrap films. Some of the features of the latest premium reflective film include:

• Excellent print quality. There has always been a stigma around the printability and quality of reflective films vs. non-reflective films. The latest technology in reflective films has debunked this and installers can now achieve the same high-quality print on reflective film resulting in an equally effective brand message.
• Highly conformable. Premium reflective films now possess one of the most important benefits in wrapping a vehicle which is the level conformability and how well the film can be maneuvered and installed in tight curves and channels.
Minimal bruising. One major issue unique to reflective films is bruising. Bruising occurs when the uniformity of the reflective components is disturbed by drastically stretching or creasing the film. Once bruising occurs, it can be difficult to return the film back to its original state however new heat recovery technology has enabled installers to improve, minimise or in some cases eliminate any bruising defects during installation.
Wider angle visibility. One of my main differences amongst reflective films are the ranges of visibility when a source of light is shone on it. The higher the quality of reflective film would also result in a broader range of vantage points made available to your branded fleet.
• Easily removable. Removing the film is just as important as the installation process of applying the film. Premium films have an added benefit of being easily removable which means less adhesive residue resulting in a more efficient removal process.

Reflective films pose great value when looking for opportunities to increase brand visibility and the added safety benefit for fleet would make it a worthwhile investment.
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*Outdoor Advertising Association of America