Business in China on hold

Unfortunately my planned trip to China is postponed due to the recent outbreak.
I was hoping to see first hand the high definition, fully flexible, 2.6mm resolution rubber product that will follow the curves of your reception wall tightly, and that can even be used as a total pillar wrap in shopping malls.

Last Sunday my business trip to China had to put on hold when the NZ Government effectively closed our border by requiring anyone who had been in Mainland China to put themselves into a voluntary 2 week isolation (but the holiday would have been nice!). I hear this week even Jacinda has cancelled her own trip.

I had a range of things to discuss on this trip (power supply to super large billboards and fixing options) but of particular interest was the new high definition indoor products that are now starting to come onto the market at even better prices.

As we all know “pitch” is the gap between the LEDs in a display. Your home LED TV might have a 0.9mm pitch. If you go right up close to it while it’s operating you can make out all the little squares bunched together displaying the picture. When you go back even half a metre now all you see if the one solid picture.

 Photo of a standard LED 4K home TV

 Same TV closer up showing the LEDs it is made of

LED display modules operate the same way. A 3mm pitch display usually becomes one solid picture from a 3m viewing distance and greater. See the difference between a 3mm and 4mm display here.

They have now come down in price to the extent we can offer 1.9, 2.4, 2.6, 3 and 4mm options at some incredibly good prices.

The rigid panels tend to come in multiples of 250mm (so you can have 2m, 2.25m or 2.5m high/wide etc). These are great (especially in the very fine resolutions where even the slightest movement will show up a join gap) for straight walls, or where you have a gradual curve (the edge on these straight panels have a chamfer allowing the next one to be on a curve).

What really opens the door to new opportunities is the rubber, fully flexible modules (we’re going to stock the 2.6mm and 4.5mm range) that can follow the curve of your wall in a complete seamless curve. Their curving ability is even so good you can wrap the inside of a curve and make a double-sided round!

See a very cool video of such a project using this product here.

LED inside and out (as required)

Fully wrapped LED pillars

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