Association Update | Sign Makers Conference | Queenstown 2022

Innovate . Integrate . Motivate

We are very much looking forward to bringing our members together again, in Queenstown, July 2022.  After such a turbulent couple of years and as it continues, we believe that looking forward and bringing stability, engagement, training and a whole lot of networking back to our membership and industry is just the ticket!  And so, this year we want to include all of the industry – members & non-members to come along to Queenstown and experience our inclusive and fun environment.

During Conference there will be many good bar chats to be had, stories to learn from, and advice to be thankful for, but no matter the purpose or outcome of attending, one thing we do know is that the support and comradery of like-minded sign makers coming together from near and far will be in force.

We have engaged with some local leaders that will share their insightful journeys and pathways to bettering their business standards and ethos, being kinder to our land, and making a real difference in their local community. It will become apparent throughout the few days that having a clear understanding about where you are heading and what you want to achieve to set you apart from the pack will be front of mind. We will discuss that having a strong set of values to commit to will allow you to build energetic, diverse, and collegial partnerships, which ultimately will set you up for more opportunities as they arise – we call it, enterprising with attitude.

Allowing yourself to be present at conference to listen, learn and engage in this forward-thinking, dynamic, and growing industry will motivate change within you, inspire leadership, and encourage a difference. We will give you the confidence to be open in becoming that titan or pioneer of the industry as we will give you the tools to start to shape and mould your business embracing new processes and trends that will make a difference now and in the future.

Concluding, ‘As a kiwi legend once said …”nothing is ever achieved in your comfort zone”, so take this opportunity and embrace your inner conscious, take the leap and join us in Queenstown as we push boundaries and challenge your thinking to making a difference in your business, your local community, our industry and our land.

Contact us for a programme or registration details on 0800 0800 52 or email