Association Update – October

Out and About!

The end of September and October has been a very busy time for the NZSDA.  Off the back of our events, our planning for 2024 is well underway and has created a very long action list!  Firstly, was to employ another NZSDA team member to lead the Association with a fresh approach and develop innovative projects that will assist with the growth of the Association for next year and in the future.  We are excited to say that we have secured a real superstar for our team due to start in early November.  Mikayla Hopkins resides in Wellington, which is a real advantage for the NZSDA having coverage in both Islands.  Mikayla’s strengths are with marketing, communications, and project management, as well as having experience with membership base organisations. So, from early next year, Mikayla will be leading the Association as a Project, Events, and Communications Specialist, and I will be very much supporting her through the transition and continuing with the NZSDA in my current role as Secretary in more of a behind-the-scenes part-time role.

Getting out to visit our members who were not able to attend Regional meetings this year has been very much front of mind and so having recently covered the east side of the South Island, some Associate Members that are sponsors in Auckland, new Auckland sign maker members, plus checking out those sign makers that are making waves in the industry through receiving Awards at our NZ Sign Display Awards in July this year.  It was a real privilege to be taken through their sign shops and to find out more about what they do and their future visions.  This generation of sign makers entering our industry are extremely talented as they hold many diverse skills – they think big, embrace challenges, welcome change and have a growth mindset.   It is exciting to see signage and display evolve into such a thriving industry.

Workflow, project management, and cash flow were all common themes with some of our newer and smaller sign shops.  The Association offers solutions and support for these obstacles.  We have alliances with Project Management systems, and we have aligned with experts who can offer Debtor information, and advice on all aspects of running your business, plus our newly established industry mentors’ group.  This group of industry leaders have been in the industry for several years, are well respected, and simply are willing to share their knowledge of lessons learned over the years of being in business. They can offer advice on adopting and installing good business practices, managing day-to-day workflow, project management and quoting, ideas or tips on taking deposits for design and/or projects, how to secure constant income, and keeping on top of your debtors.

It was so great to catch up with some of our top-level sponsors and associate members whilst I was in Auckland.  Many have supported the Association financially over the years and without them, the NZ Sign Display Awards, Conference, and our regional meetings would not be possible.  The meetings we had were very positive and all very keen to continue supporting the Association and Signee for 2024.  I would like to specifically thank Cohesive, for stepping into our Diamond level sponsorship for the past 2 years.  Their support at this level has been very much welcomed and their ideas even more so with the newly implemented  ‘Overall Supreme Winner’ award that comes with the Diamond sponsor benefits and also contributing and supporting us with sustainable content and journey.  Our Sponsorship renewals are coming up in December so if you are a keen supporter of the industry and associate member and keen to financially show your support for 2024 get in contact with us and I can send you the sponsorship packages.  Next year we will announce our Diamond Sponsor along with the other leading levels for 2024.

Lastly, the Sign Makers Price Guide 2023 has been a huge success and very much welcomed by the industry.  I have been dropping in a hard copy to most places I have been to and many commented on the quality and value of the content within the guide.  So, if you haven’t got yours yet, let us know, it is only $150 investment for members, $350 for non-members.  Maybe a good reason to join the association when we keep adding value like this to the membership!