Is a Master Sign Maker Accreditation your next step?

If you are an industry leader with a passion for your craft, have a heap of knowledge, years of experience, and an NZSDA member then you should be looking at applying for an accreditation.  Why?  Simply to acknowledge your experience and skills, the hard work, the determination, and passion that has driven your business to where it is today.  Having an accreditation displayed in your workshop shows your local community, customers and your clients your commitment to your craft, how damn clever you are at it, and that they are dealing with one of the best in the industry.

Being accredited as a Master Sign Maker means that the NZ Sign & Display Association officially recognises and endorses an individual or business that has met and excelled with industry competencies and standards to the highest of levels.

Unlike other industries Sign Making has developed into one of the most technically diverse of manufacturing processes of any industry, from design illustrations and brand management to traditional hand lettering and digitally generated signage. From this it is very apparent that a professional, modern sign shop of today must invest with every effort to ensure that they are up keeping with the continual changes that this industry dictates.

By seeking a credential of any sort is increasingly important as the rapid growth of the business world advances with technologies and innovations, making it a highly complex environment. By obtaining a Master Sign Maker Accreditation it can provide that trust and certainty for customers and clients in a world where credentials are an essential and integral part of the economy and any industry

Currently we have a small professional Master Sign Maker nationwide network of both individual and business accreditations, all have achieved their own technical skill sets as well as sound standard business practices.  Each Master Sign Maker is unique with their Accreditation as not one business nor individual holds the same technical skills and attributes, however there is are unspoken values of trust, competency and professionalism that are expected and reciprocated when engaging with each other.

An accreditation can be given to either an individual sign maker or sign business, and so if you would like to apply, head to our website where you will find more on the criteria, process and cost.  It is important to note that an accreditation is not handed out to just anyone, there is a thorough appraisal and onsite interview process that is conducted by an official NZSDA auditor.

So what will be your next step?