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Sign Writers Going Digital

The phrase “bricks and clicks” refers to your business having a physical presence in the street (bricks) and on the internet (clicks).

I first heard about ‘bricks and clicks’ in an article written about a community chemist. That guy opened his dispensary every day and sold his sun block and tablets and he was 100% sure his business was constrained by the hours he was open and the customers that could travel within the geographical area in which he was based.

Then some clever person came along and invited that same guy to create an online web portal where people could order their prescriptions remotely and receive them by courier.

Sure you could be a ‘nay sayer’ and start picking at this idea (who is paying for the courier and how do I market it etc), but by doing this that very same chemist was now able to double the size of their business by shipping orders all over the country. This change also meant they were no longer  restricted to the shop trading hours.

What does a sign writer have that could go online? I would not be surprised that a lot of you might say nothing (initially).

If you got some fancy business analyst in you would probably find they would classify your business not as a printer of pamphlets or as a vinyl applicator, but as a creator of marketing designs (that was then printed or stickered).

If you are in fact a ‘design or marketing advising company’ then couldn’t that go online?

One of the things we like about LED displays is that they are a blank canvas. Once you’ve bolted them up everything turns to what you might put on there.

Sign writers are experts at putting together colours, pictures and words. You are expert at identifying the best brand ‘look’ for your client and how to best to portray them to increase the level of inquiries they get. My question is: Why don’t you recognise the marketing value that you are bringing to your client and actually charge them to do more of it for them?

I can understand why you do not want to get into the business of creating websites (technical coding skills, SEO knowledge etc), but what about creating basic images and sales “call to action” for your client to show on their digital displays each week?

I think the more of our industry that recognise the transferrable skills they have, and that then offer to do more of that for their clients, the more we are going to see additional income streams (and therefore more profit).

If anyone is interested in discussing how this might work in your particular circumstances please feel free to give one of our Sales Team a call on 0508 4 Video (0508 484 336)