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What is The NZSDA?

The NZSDA (Incorporated) is an Association of business owners involved in the manufacture of signs and displays, bound together by a Code of Practice to uphold high standards of quality and business ethics.  It has been established now for 45 years.  The organisation consists of one paid part time person (the General Manager/Secretary), an Executive Committee consisting of the President, Vice President and  three others (volunteers voted in from the membership)  and the Associate Members and Members themselves.
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Who are the Members?
Currently the Association has approximately 240 members.  These members are spread throughout the country.  They range in size from larger companies to sole proprietors, and cover the industry, including traditional

craftsmen signwriters, illuminated and neon manufacturers, large format print producers, and all other facets of our diverse industry.  Most of our industry’s suppliers are involved also, as Associate Members.

What does the Association Do?

The Association liaises with local bodies on by-laws affecting signage, maintains apprenticeship training standards and encourages the sharing and expanding of knowledge within the Signmaking industry.  The Association has built an enviable reputation and trust with many government offices as well as Standards New Zealand, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, and other statutory organisations and local authorities, and acts as the official channel of communication between the industry and these bodies on matters of commercial, technical or economic policies affecting the sign and display industry.  The Association provides members with continued support and technical information.

Members are kept up to date on government

legislation issues such as the Employment Relations Act, the Health and Safety in Employment Act, the Privacy Act, the Resource Management Act, the Fair Trading Act, the Commerce Act, and the Consumer Guarantees Act, among others.  The Association, with the assistance of its local members, keeps a particularly close watch on Local Body Legislation and local by-laws in town or district planning, as rules concerning sign usage increase.  A town planning consultant is employed by the Association to represent the industry at legislative hearings, challenging ill-considered rules.  The flagship event for the New Zealand Sign and Display Association is the annual New Zealand Sign and Display Awards.  This prestigious national competition, which recognises outstanding design and craftsmanship across a broad range of signmaking methods and technologies, receives hundreds of entries each year from all over New Zealand.


By far one of the biggest advantages a member of the NZSDA has over their competitors is the large amount of information available at their fingertips. Information which has been  collated over many years, and which is pertinent to running a sign and display company in New Zealand.

The "Members Only" section of the NZSDA website contains literally hundreds of items on Health and Safety Policy, Employment Matters, Legislation, Productivity, and a host of other relevant subjects. There is so much useful information on the website that you could spend days reading through it all, and the remarkable thing is that by far the majority of it is very, very good quality material. I would pretty much guarantee that if you spent even 10 minutes a day reading through this stuff, that your business would improve on a daily basis.

The website also has everything you need to know about training, apprenticeships and the Sign School, enabling you to look after the future of your business and the industry in general.

Each month a printed newsletter is mailed out to all members. This newsletter contains not only information relating to upcoming events and the like, but also very useful articles and guides to the successful


operation of a small business. Speaking from personal experience, these articles have helped me immensely in areas of my business in which I have had limited prior experience and knowledge. As an ongoing business improvement tool, they are invaluable.

Members are also kept up to date on government legislation issues such as the Employment Relations Act, the Health and Safety in Employment Act, the Privacy Act, the Resource Management Act, the Fair Trading Act, the Commerce Act, and the Consumer Guarantees Act, among others. This is the sort of information which can be critical to the success of your business.

The monthly email news (SignBoard) contains further interesting articles, and includes a free classified advertising section for buying and selling equipment as well as employment opportunities.

More information is available to members in the form of the monthly SignBoard e-newsletter and the Visual Impact Magazine. These publications contain a wide range of articles and industry supplier advertisements relevant to the signage and display industries in Australia and New Zealand.

There is simply no easier way for a sign company owner to access such an impressive collection of valuable knowledge, than to join the NZSDA.

Getting to Know Others in the Industry

Becoming a member of the NZSDA gives you the opportunity to get to know your competitors, both locally and nationally. The majority of us work in small businesses, often isolated from others in similar situations within our industry. You may be surprised to find that your direct competitors may not have horns and a forked tails, but share similar issues to you, and may well be more than willing to discuss business issues and share their knowledge and experience. Many of the businesses within the industry have various strengths and specialities, and knowing who can help out when necessary is invaluable.

If you have a client who has branches in other centres then the ability to find dependable companies to subcontract site surveys and installations to is invaluable. As a member you have access to a nationwide network of professional companies that you can rely on with confidence.

 If you are lucky enough to be in an area where there is an active branch, there are many opportunities throughout the year to meet and have a beer with your local branch members, and there are several opportunities throughout the year to meet fellow members from around the country. Many have made lifelong friendships throughout the country with like-minded people who they have met through the NZSDA.

Financial Benefits

The direct financial advantages of becoming a member justify the annual subscription cost alone.

The Association negotiates on behalf of members with a wide variety of organisations and companies to bring together a range of discounts that the bulk purchasing power of group buying enables. A list of some of these benefits follows:

Legal Services:

An Employment Agreement, initially written by Price Waterhouse Coopers and costing $5,000 some years ago, has been regularly updated to reflect current employment law.

Industry relevant Terms of Trade were written by Jackson Russell Solicitors in 2009 at a cost of $1,600

Free Magazine Subscription:

Visual Impact Magazine Annual Subscription


Discounted Products and Services:

Lock-It (Data Protection, Graphics Protection services)

Safety Assist (OSH Compliance assistance)

Z Fuel Card (Petrol Credit and Rewards Card)

Southern Cross (Health Insurance)

Scotpac (Cash Flow Management Service)

Xero (Cloud based accounting services)

Accounts Online (Computer based accounting services)

Exclusive SignProof Insurance Policy Benefits.

Other Financial Benefits:

Safety Policy Guidelines are downloadable from our web site. Members also receive an Induction Training DVD produced by the Australian Sign & Graphics Association that cost $40 per unit.

Entries to the NZ Sign and Display Awards cost $50 per entry for non-members but are only $15 each to members.

Use of the NZSDA Logo

Membership allows the member company the use of the NZSDA logo on stationery, signage and other advertising. Affiliating your business with the Association in this way clearly indicates to potential customers (as well as existing ones) that you are running a professional organisation, held in high regard


by your peers within the industry. By dealing with an NZSDA member, your customer knows that they have safeguards, that you are backed up by a national organisation This confidence may well be the deciding factor with some sales. For many members, this is the most important reason for their joining.

Who is eligible to join?

Any person or company who is making signs and/or displays as a profession may apply to join.  A $82.50 +GST application fee is charged on application.  At this point the prospective application is published in the Association’s monthly newsletter for three consecutive months.  During this period any existing member may raise an objection to membership being granted.  If such an objection is raised, it is considered by the Executive Committee.  Assuming that the application is accepted, then the applicant becomes a full member on payment of the annual subscription, as follows:
Category A:  Sole Trader: $363+GST p.a.

Category B:  A business which employees staff, with a total number of full time equivalent employees or contractors (including the owner/operator, assuming he/she works in the business) of three or less: $484+GSTp.a.


Category C:  A business which employees staff, with a total number of full time equivalent employees or contractors (including the owner/operator, assuming he/she works in the business) of more than three: $655+GST p.a.

Membership subscriptions are able to be paid monthly.

All new members receive a CD full of usable documents ranging from Site Survey sheets and traffic management guidelines through to cash flow spreadsheets and much, much more.

The annual Member Diaries cost $12.50 each. Two are given to all members and extras can be purchased.

It can quickly be seen that the annual membership cost can easily be recouped simply by making use of the discounts on products and services available to members. In these tight economic times it makes a lot of sense to maximise every opportunity to reduce costs and becoming a member of the NZSDA is a sure way to do just that.

To enquire about applying to join click here.


p-1(copy)Mission Statement

The New Zealand Sign and Display Association exists to foster among it members excellence in their standard of workmanship, business ethics and service.
If you are looking for a reputable sign company that offers quality, value and integrity.
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