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Membership Process

Screening Process: We initiate a screening process upon receiving the application fee. To support this, you must provide referees and other evidential materials such as photos of completed work, training certifications, experience levels, etc.

Notice of Application Result: Upon completing due diligence to ensure criteria are met, we will publish an official notice in our monthly newsletter and on our social media channels for three months. If any existing NZSDA member raises an objection during this period, our Executive Board will review the application.

Membership Approval: Once the application is approved, the individual or business becomes an NZSDA member! All membership is granted on the assumption the member continues to meet these criteria. Membership can be revoked by the Executive Board upon investigation of any objection or complaint received.

All new members will be given access to our private online members section, where a library of tools, information and resources are available to download.  A Welcome Pack will also be sent.

Membership Application

To apply today, fill out the application form below. Please note that an application fee of $83.00 +GST must be paid online at time of submitting application.  For any queries or further information contact us at