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In our industry it is crucial that we continue to learn and train to be able to adequately support your business, employees, customers and the industry.  It is wise to be prepared with the latest information on standard practices, processes, technologies and licenses when representing your business, and equally as important is to invest in educating your employees on new innovations, products, and services.  We all must look at future proofing our industry now, let’s not wait.

Webinars and Online Learning

Learning in your own environment in your own time has its advantages.  The Association offers a series of webinars and online learning that is free for its members.  Webinars comprise of Human resource quick wins, practical business advice, project management systems and much more.  To find out what is on offer for this year head to our Calender of Events.

Sign-Making Courses.

Technology is constantly evolving and demand for more creativity within sign manufacturing and design has become apparent. The diversity and range of skills required to be a good sign maker exceeds that of a typical graphic designer, establishing sign making as one of the most technical trades out there. Signee is an online platform that was created by Master Sign Makers. Learners will connect through online tutorials, videos, and course content from the course which is supported by a hard copy resource book. This is a free course for all members with new employees, we want to ensure that we are making it easy for new employees to enter the sign making industry and get the skills they need by providing this onboarding course. For further information on Signee contact us or head to the website


The Sign making apprenticeship provides work-based training for young people and adults to undertake key technical and operational roles in the sign making industry.  It involves a range of skills, spanning computer graphic design to working with materials like Perspex, vinyl, plastic, metal, glass, and wood.

Different techniques are employed to create lettering for signs, such as computer-controlled routers for 3D lettering, cutting and applying lettering, and utilizing digital imagery for panels, banners, and vehicles.  Screen-printing can be used for producing posters and show cards, while traditional sign writing includes manual design and painting using sign writing brushes, enamel, and water-based paints.

Competenz is out ITO (Industry Training Organsition) that hold the qualifications, however together we ensure that our industry qualifications stay aligned with standards and requirements as technology within the industry evolves.  When apprentices enrol with Competenz they are assigned a representative who understands the industry and the skills needed from both the learners and businesses. Competenz manages and supports apprenticeships for the sign making industry through a four-year programme that incorporates the Level 4 New Zealand Certificates in Signmaking (total 220-260 credits).

The outcome of this apprenticeship programme is to equip individuals in the signmaking industry with the necessary competencies and capabilities. Graduates are able to work and evolve alongside industry advancements, operating at an advanced level without supervision. 

The Sign Making Apprenticeship can be viewed on the Competenz and NZQA website. 

If you are needing to find answers on the Sign Making Apprenticeship, further training, or the Government subsidies and how it all works or benefits your business, then contact us or view our FAQ Sheet.