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As an NZSDA member, you become a trusted participant in a network of around 240 signage and display industry professionals, varying from large businesses to sole proprietors.

Our membership criteria help uphold a high level of quality within our organization. Individuals or businesses involved in manufacturing signage, or supplying materials to sign companies, are eligible to join if they meet the criteria. Key attributes include demonstrating sound ethical and honest business practices, industry experience and knowledge, a willingness to share knowledge and network with other industry professionals, and a commitment to participating in association meetings, events, and conferences.

Become a Member

Why become a member of the New Zealand Sign and Display Association?

There are many reasons why it is important to belong to our association, first and foremost is the credibility that the NZSDA logo holds. Memberships are not granted lightly and with an approval process set in place, involving researching and reference checks you can be guaranteed that the all applicants accepted into the Association have meet our standards and guidelines in, their business operations, quality of services and general business practices. Once the applicant has been approved they are encouraged to display the NZSDA logo as the badge of quality.

Benefits of becoming a member are outlined below, plus you will find more business partner advantages and benefits outlined on our Members Resources page.

  • Industry Best Practice & Price Guides
  • Complimentary onboarding course (online and workbook)
  • Wage and Salary Guides
  • Debtor Information and Terms of Trade
  • Complimentary employment contracts and guides
  • Human Resources and Mentor webinars, advice and services
  • Access to Health & Safety Pre-quals processes and documents.
  • Business Sign Insurance packages
  • Networking events and meetings
  • Nationwide referral network
  • Use of exclusive NZSDA Logo
  • Monthly Communications via Sign e-News.
  • Complimentary job and classified listing services.
  • Complimentary listing on ‘Find a Sign Maker” or Find a Supplier National directory.
  • Sitesafe NZSDA discounted membership (compounding year on year)
  • Member discounts on the NZ Sign Display Awards entries and conference registrations.
  • Image Publication Magazine digital and hard copy.


Apply Online: Visit our website and complete the membership application form. You will be charged a small processing fee of $83.00 + GST upon application.

Member Services

Advocacy: The NZSDA represent our members and the broader sector through effective advocacy and lobbying on all issues impacting sign businesses.

Business Resources: We offer over 130 business resources on employment and general sign manufacturing issues. 

Recruitment Solutions: Members can advertise job listings through our online channels including in our Sign E-News, and on our Facebook page.

Business Listings: Our Sign industry Members Business Directory showcases our members to all New Zealand business seeking a qualified sign maker. We guaranteed that all members displaying the NZSDA logo are high quality sign makers. 

Significant Savings: We continuously support NZSDA members by offering them valuable deals that will help their bottom line. Our Members Resource Page features exclusive offers from our preferred business partners.

Events and Networking: NZSDA members can access regional seminars, nationwide trade exhibitions and workshops to stay informed on local issues and best practices. Our annual conference and Awards Gala is held in a different region each year to ensures all members can attend nearby. Click here to view upcoming industry events.

Sign Making Apprenticeships: We work closely with Competenz to help develop nationally recognised qualifications (New Zealand National Certificates and
Diplomas). Competenz, an industry training organization, focused on skill development, career advancement, and business growth, most learning occurs on-the-job. Their account managers craft personalized training plans, overseeing learner progress to ensure skill acquisition in the workplace andqualification attainment. Beyond training, Competenz actively supports the industry and Association by sponsorships, attending events, and celebrating learners’ accomplishments.

Industry Training | Signee: Signee is a free online platform for learning and connecting through online tutorials, videos, and course content from our pre-vocational programme.  This course is the perfect on-boarding course for new employees to your sign business.  100% created by master sign makers, it brings
immense value to the membership.

Award of Excellence: The primary purpose of the Awards is to acknowledge excellence. This standard sets the bar for judging entries, ensuring a high overall standard and fierce competition for gold, silver, or bronze medals. Winning provides a platform to showcase your business and celebrate successes at a national level. To view last past entrants and winners visit our Awards Website.

PR/Communications: Members receive our monthly e-news communication via email. This covers industry-relevant information, issues, handy hints, and classifieds.

NZSDA Logo: Members get the benefit of displaying the NZSDA logo on all stationary, signage, websites, and advertising. Affiliation with NZSDA assures customers they will receive the highest quality craftsmanship, backed by the association’s endorsement.

Publications and Discounts: Members can enjoy a free annual subscription to leading industry publications like The Visual Impact Magazine and Image Publications. Members also receive ongoing discounts by joining our network partners’ websites.

Lifetime Recognition: Acknowledging outstanding service, our lifetime members, upon retirement, can stay connected through Retired and Honorary Memberships. This encourages industry legends to remain involved and share their invaluable knowledge with younger generations.

Our Honorary Members:
Nick Baty (elected 2021)
Noel Morrison (elected 2018)
Ross Probert, (elected 2016)
Chris Field (elected 2015)
Jo Hulsdouw (elected 2014)
Max Kearney (elected 2005)
Ian Smyth (elected 2000)
Robin Mansfield (elected 1995)
Tony Peek (elected 1998)
Colin Blomfield (elected 1994) – deceased
Val Blomfield (elected 1983) – deceased
Jack Nicholls (elected 1983) – deceased
Keith Langstone (elected 1986) – deceased
Maurice Wootton (elected 1987) – deceased
Bill Wellington (elected 1988) – deceased
Les Berridge (elected 1994) – deceased

Categories and Costs

Category A                             $415.00 +GST
An individual who is currently self-employed with no employees is of good character, industry qualified, and or qualifies for membership through time served in the industry.

Category B                              $555.00 + GST
A business that employs staff, with a total number of full-time equivalent employees or contractors (including the owner/operator, assuming he/she works in the business) of three or fewer.

Category C                              $755.00 + GST
A business that employees staff, with a total number of full-time equivalent employees or contractors (including the owner/operator, assuming he/she works in the business) of more than three.

Multi-Site Membership           $415.00 + GST
A business franchise group or multi-sites that hold the same business name and employs a total number of full-time equivalent employees or contractors (including the owner/operator, assuming he/she works in the business) of more than three at each site. Note: There must be one main site that holds a full Category C Membership to be eligible for the Multi-Site membership.

Associate                                $415.00 + GST
Any individual or Business associated with the trade but does not fulfill the qualifications of the trade may apply as an associate member.

Retired                                     $50.00 + GST
At the Executive Boards’ discretion, this membership may be given to an individual for outstanding service, and exceptional contribution and who is highly regarded by peers within the industry and whose contribution has been for an extended period of time.

Honorary                                 No Fee
At any time any member may nominate to the Executive Board consideration for a select individual to receive Honorary membership in recognition of their life-long commitment and contribution to the association and the industry.

The NZSDA is dedicated to safeguarding your privacy and we adhere to New Zealand’s Privacy and Official Information legislation to ensure that any user’s email address or other identifying details will not be used for other purposes without the express permission of the owner.