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Introducing 3M™ Paint Protection Film Series 150 Gloss, a cutting-edge solution meticulously crafted to safeguard automotive paint and vulnerable surfaces from an array of hazards. From stone chips to harsh UV radiation, this innovative film offers comprehensive protection against the elements, ensuring your vehicle remains pristine even in the most demanding conditions. With high stain resistance and exceptional clarity, it boasts a low-maintenance finish that repels water, dirt, and more. Its highly flexible construction effortlessly conforms to intricate contours, while optimised adhesive minimises lift lines and adhesive marks, ensuring a seamless installation.

Featuring self-healing technology, minor scratches vanish with the application of heat, preserving the film’s virtually invisible protection. Backed by a 10-year consumer warranty, this film is the epitome of durability and reliability.

Protect your investment with confidence — choose 3M™ Paint Protection Film Series 150 Gloss.

Learn more about 3M™ Paint Protection Film Series 150 Gloss here. To find out more about our Paint Protection Films, click here.

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Are You Doing Bricks and Clicks?

You’ve nailed it when selling bricks (your physical products and services), but how can you leverage your skills to diversify your portfolio in the online space? 

What is the concept of ‘bricks and clicks’? ‘Bricks’ refers to the part of your business that is physical, old-fashioned, and present. ‘Clicks’ is your online presence. Many sign writers are missing the opportunity to take advantage of the digital revolution and use their soft skills to further support their clients.

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