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Are You Doing Bricks and Clicks?


You’ve nailed it when selling bricks (your physical products and services), but how can you leverage your skills to diversify your portfolio in the online space?

What is the concept of ‘bricks and clicks’?

‘Bricks’ refers to the part of your business that is physical, old-fashioned, and present.  ‘Clicks’ is your online presence.

Many sign writers are missing the opportunity to take advantage of the digital revolution and use their soft skills to further support their clients.

Think about it, what are your core skills? Graphic design? Awareness of effective advertising and ’call to actions’? What about time management, aren’t you good at progressing jobs each month?

In my view, there is an excellent opportunity for sign writers to use these skills to provide regular marketing services to their clients. Each month you can make new posts on Facebook, update any digital screens, or print new collateral for their business.

If you kept in regular contact with your clients, and charged them a small annual subscription for this service, what would you spend all the new money on that you will be making?

Maximise your services by making the most out of both your bricks and your clicks!

Dave Jaques
Digital Signs

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