You Can Do Anything with Posters in the 21st Century

There’s a point of view that OOH and targeted digital media are the only two communication channels with a long-term future. That’s because they complement each other perfectly.  Date-driven, interactive messages can be targeted to land on your digital device wherever you may be. At the same time posters enable a message to become universal, go viral, or even become a meme.   One medium is all about the individual; the other celebrates our shared humanity. The most powerful campaigns operate in both dimensions.  Here’s proof:  

Spotify turned user data into giant, quirky billboards that celebrated the Spotify weirdness of other people’s musical tastes.    To launch the new Tomb Raider game,xBox turned a London poster site into a gripping, real-life reality show, with eight gamers competing to stand on the billboard the longest. (The winner managed 22 hours.)

Closer to home, advertisers are looking to create campaigns with digital/street synergy. At Phantom we’re proud to have helped Asahi turn street posters into portals containing gorgeous hidden gifts. We also released Whittakers chocolate kiwis into the wild, with special posters promoted via social media. Consumers loved them and the brands got the kudos.

If you want to go viral, buy posters.
All these campaigns took advantage of the unique ability of posters to capture public attention. They made the public stop what they were doing, smile, laugh, snap photos and share the images on social media.  Would you like to achieve something similar? Phantom Billstickers has over 6,500 poster frames from Northland to Invercargill, awaiting your brainwave. We’ll customise our sites, give away your samples, coordinate with other media, and generally do everything we can to serve your idea.

We believe in street posters because we believe creativity belongs on the street. Get in touch now to see how Phantom Billstickers can make your brand look good in public.