Cohesive Sustainability Snippet | April

Cohesive Case study – Choosing organisations to support who support your sustainability pathway.

Suitability is a very personal topic, yet impacts at a global level. Whilst we all recognise the need to be more sustainable, one company or persons journey is different to the next. Being more sustainable usually comes at a cost – whether financial, time given or changes in processes. It was from this premise Cohesive asked the following; “How can we start our sustainability journey, without asking more from our customers”. Just because we wanted to be more sustainable, was it really fair for us to ask our customers to change their behaviour?

From this Cohesive’s “Social Good” program was launched. Our sustainability program is designed to support organisations making more impact than we can, through the sale of every eligible item purchased, we donate to the charity helping them to continue their specialised sustainability journey and helping us to create sustainability projects that can have meaningful impact.

Thanks to our Social Good program and our customers, we recently made a donation to Sustainable Coastlines, an organisation who focus on restoring and clearing the New Zealand coastlines of waste.

For us what set Sustainable Coastlines apart from the rest is their hands on practical approach to achieving their vision and making immediate impact on New Zealand’s environment. From waste collection days, to education sessions for all ages, to tree planting and much more, we can support them with confidence that the community (and the world we all inhabit) will see change.

After 6 months the support from our Social Good Programs support meant that Sustainable Coastlines could remove the volume equivalent of 16,100 Takeaway coffee cups from the New Zealand coastline.

Have you thought about your own sustainability journey, beyond what you can control, and looked at how you can incorporate supporting different charities or organisations as a part of your sustainability journey? The impact of the incredible work you’re already doing to enhance your sustainability impact can go much further when you support organisations who are sustainability specialists.

Feel free to speak with Cohesive about our sustainability program, what products are involved and how we aim to build our support to external organisations.