Standards NZ Needs Feedback from our Industry | Retroreflective materials for road traffic control and high visibility materials for safety garments.

Standards NZ have recently advised the Association of a revision on a joint NZ/AUS Standard for high visibility materials for safety garments and retroreflective materials for road traffic control.  This standard may become de-jointed, meaning that it will become an Australian standard only, if no feedback is given.  Because this subject is relative to our industry, we would like your feedback so we can collate and forward our industry response to Standards NZ on or before Monday 18th October.

Standards NZ seek, and strongly value, input on:

Whether you feel it is important that New Zealand participates in the project listed below to produce a AS/NZS joint standard and why?

    • What would the impact be to New Zealand end-users if this publication was to be de-jointed?
    • Are there relevant international standards which would meet New Zealand’s needs?
Project Number Standard Number Title Project Type Document Type Complexity Committee
106686 AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 Retroreflective materials and devices for road traffic control purposes, Part 4: High-visibility materials for safety garments Revision Standard Large MS-049

Please send your response to on or before Monday 18th October.