Special Thanks from DIGITAL SIGNS

From the team at Digital Signs, we would like to thank everyone for welcoming us into your Industry and supporting what we are trying to achieve.  Late December 2018 we jumped on board as an Elite Sponsor, so we could help support all industry events that the NZSDA offer to you all.  Throughout 2019 we consistently   ……

provided valuable content for the e-news on digital marketing and signage, which was well-read always appearing in the top 3 links clicked on.  In October we launched to the industry that we would become a wholesale supplier to Sign Makers nationwide and then in November, we offered NZSDA Members a massive 50% discount on their own SUPER sized LED display for promotion and marketing.  To be able to grow to the level we are at now, could not have been done without all your support.

Understanding digital products and their worth is key to knowing the value of what you are purchasing.  At Digital Signs we are exclusive importers of PREMIUM LED displays, Premium meaning gold wire (not copper), LED in aluminium (not Steel), knowing quality products will give you longer lasting value for money especially when we give you 20% off our very competitive price of $5,500 per m2 (normally $8,200 per m2). – Now that’s a deal!

This year LED displays have been flying out of the door, especially for Health & Safety purposes (‘Keep in Your Car’, for at Landfills, and ‘Slow Down’ on the roadside for vehicles).  We have even put them into the ocean and industrial plants in highly corrosive environments, ‘full matrix’ (supporting live camera feeds) scoreboards for both indoor and outdoor sports.   Indoor LED installs have been huge, with the introduction of both 2.4mm fine pitch high-resolution video walls, and the hi-brite 3mm option suitable for street-facing window displays (to beat sunstrike).

Our outdoor IP65 fully waterproof product (in both 6.67mm standard and 10mm hi-brite) has proven to be our most consistently ordered products this year, with a recent job including a massive 6m(w) x 17m(h) double-sided screen!

Summarising on what has been such a busy, productive year, we now look forward to 2020, where we will be involved in a world-first of $1.00 premium digital billboards.  This will be the way of future advertising where you can advertise your business or product on BOTH sides of a massive 12m(w) x 3.2m(h) digital billboard within the city centre for only $1.00 per ad? Just imagine how much more business you or your client would receive with having spent such little money.  The option for any eco marketing solution.

2020 is going to be a powerful year for digital, so make sure you jump on board and get your slice of the revenue by partnering with us and at the same time, providing that magic ‘click of the mouse’ solution to your client!

The Digital Signs team will be having a well-earned break from 20 December through to 13 January, but if you are needing advice on anything Digital, just give Dave a call.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your families, from the team at DIGITAL SIGNS.