Signie of the Month | April | Branded, Napier

Branded is owned and operated by Rowan & Anna Kyle, although Anna is a practicing adult apprentice she is boss at home and Rowan is the boss at work, yeah right!  Rowan started his sign career with Nelson Signs in Napier,  a year later he left and joined ….   Wilsigns where he became an apprentice under the leadership of Murray Wilson.  After completing his apprenticeship, Rowan joined another local Napier signee “Sign It Up” (who just happened to be the first Master Sign Maker in New Zealand), where he spent the next 8 or so years.  To make a point, Rowan has had the privilege to have his whole career influenced and guided by three industry legends, after learning from the best and establishing a sound foundation of sign making, Rowan decided it was time to fly the coop and go out on his own.

Branded was launched in 2012, located very conveniently in Onekawa, Napier, right next door to a pub, great move!  Recently, Branded needed to relocate to larger premises, just around the corner from his old shop. Do you think he was trying to stay close to the pub?  The work carried out at Branded entails all aspects of sign making that a modern sign shop can offer, equipped with all the bells and whistles to enable them to service their large customer base.  Currently employing two staff, Jessie and Caleb, with Anna working along side them all, as well as running the office and business side of things, the boss of many hats!

Anna loves to run and play tennis.  Rowan is a keen fly fisherman, surfer, skateboarder and enjoys camping out in his caravan.  Both Rowan & Anna are keen supporters of the Association and have attended Expos, Conferences and have won many awards at the NZ Sign & Display Awards evening.

I asked Anna what sort of car they owned and she replied, “A Santa Fe” and she really had no aspirations to own any other car, but I am sure I heard her mumble under her breath that a private Jet wouldn’t go astray. Maybe they want to fly home each night to their new home in Bayview, which happens to be almost be in line with the Hawkes Bay Airport runway. They live with their two boys and I presume they are just  “ living the dream.”

Keep up the good work team!



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