Signie of the Month. Dream It Ltd, Dean Johnstone

I think Dean has chosen a great name for his business! Most signies would simply dream to be as talented as this.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Dean for some time now and most signies in NZ I no doubt have had the same distinct pleasure.  I’ll refer to Dean as Elvis for the rest of this feature, as he has had that nickname for as long as I can remember.

If you have heard Elvis sing you’ll know how he got this nickname. Singing is one of his pass times and he tries to bash out a couple of tunes in local bars every couple of weeks to keep the tonsils in order.  He doesn’t sing every weekend because he also enjoys working on  his old cars.  Elvis started as an apprentice at Pilgrim Displays, and then transferred to Sign Displays to finish his time, and he also had a stint at Bellamy Signs.

When he finished his time, he tried his hand at Landscape draughting for 6 months, and then I suppose the creative gremlins in his body told him it was time to start Johnstone Bros Signs, which evolved into what we probably know Elvis so well for!   JBFX.  I would probably guess this is where it all took off for Elvis, but on reflection I think he has always been in full flight.

Favourite drink?   Brandy when singing / rum when doing it big, & beer when talking crap with the boys ( and girls of course).

Biggest influence?  Elvis’s biggest influence in life would have to be his kids. Sasha, Indiana & Fox, who he loves hanging out with and doing stuff when he is taking time out from creating original art and being clever. He thinks his parents are pretty cool people as well and I wonder if they passed on his talent through their genes, or whether he is just stepped out of his Tardis from another time? mmmmm.

Being clever is not just confined to signie stuff and like a lot of our members Elvis has a passion for cars.  A 204 Army Hilux, 2 EK Holdens and a 84 Chevy Pickup are in his stable of money gobblers.  I asked Elvis what car he would like to own and he said a 1959 Chevy Apache Pick Up.  No surprises there!

If anyone has been to Letterheads, (or any NZSDA event come to think of it) Elvis is right in the thick of it, inspiring young people to be creative and to follow their dreams. This is something that we should be able bottle and keep for eternity. Elvis has won so many awards that he could start his own gallery, but his talent is overshadowed by his humbleness and they are probably stuffed under his bed.

I had the priviledge on my visit to Christchurch of seeing some of Elvis’s latest work, which was creating the interior design of three new bars in Christchurch.  Believe me the photos as usual, don’t do the work justice, so for all you Cantabrian’s  get along for a look, I promise you it will be worth it.

Elvis was one of our newest “Master Signmakers” and the photo of Elvis beside his Tardis  certainly shows how proud he  is to receive  this  accreditation.

Last words …. If someone was to ask me to describe Elvis in two words it would have to be “ DREAM IT”

Good signing