Signee – Education to Employment or Pathway to an Apprenticeship

Signee has two-course options, both are certified and industry recognised pre-vocational courses, but one is for those already employed within the industry and at entry-level role or those looking to pivoting direction from another industry.  They may need to acquire additional certifications to achieve the Signee program.  The other option is for school leavers interested in finding out what a career in the sign industry would be like and is now an official NZQA Gateway programme.  Both programmes have similar content, however, the Gateway course has been reduced to reflect tasks that are optional for students as they may have already completed these as part of another gateway course.  Both courses reflect the extras required or not in the costs.

Employers in the sign industry can be confident that both these programmes will provide a well-informed insight into a what a career in the New Zealand sign industry is all about by learning fundamental knowledge and skills in the ‘six pillars’ of sign making and health and safety.

The six pillars are: Design, Manufacture, Application, Installation, Illumination and Traditional. The programme is made up of work experience and online learning of which we work with industry to find placements in full-service sign shops – this where we need the help of our industry!  Trainees will initially do one full week work experience (to get a taster of what to expect … try before they buy!).   If the trainee decides this is for them: they will then register, we sign them up and then send them or their school an invoice for the cost of the programme. There is no cost for the employer/trainer.  Once payment is received, we send the trainee an “Introduction to Sign Industry Standards’ workbook via courier and an online learning login via email.

The rest of the programme requires at least 10 full days work experience in a full-service sign shop (one day a week, over 10 or more weeks).  During these 10 weeks, the trainee will also complete online learning.

Trainer guide for employer/trainer
We provide the trainer/employer with a trainer guide before the full week work experience is undertaken. The trainer uses this for the duration of the work experience (one week plus 10 week period).  This guide is for the trainers to know what they need to show/teach using their expert knowledge on how things are done!

If you are keen to take on a trainee, please let us know!