Secretary Note | September

Change – What is the Worse that Can Happen?

Plans were in place, visits were booked and then just before the eve of lockdown it all came to a halt.  My travel plans for the beginning of my adventure to the North Island to visit members were canceled.  Whangarei and surrounding townships was my destination and I was very much looking forward to venturing to Northland to visit a number of members, some veterans and some new kids on the block, and all good sorts from the region.  Unsure of when my travel plans will get back on track, it seems that thinking a little bit differently sure goes a long way these days as I was forced to discover new ways to connect and engage in this unusual time.

Adjusting to instant changes, certainly has its challenges, so I just wanted to share a few ideas that have helped me stay focused and on track  in this ever changing instant world of ours.

Firstly, I ask myself, what is the worse that can happen?  So many of us have been and are scared of change, but its just because we are afraid of the unknown.  A good way to deal with the unknown is just to think things through, all the different possible outcomes, and then decide what would be your best- and worst-case scenarios.  Another great strategy is to think about the last time you were faced with a big change, how did you get through it?  Sometimes it’s not as bad as it first appears, it’s just hard to take that first step and it may take a little time to get use to.

Also ask yourself, how much can I control?   Having an understanding of how much control you have of the situation will definitely help you put things into perspective.   Quite often when change happens it is out of your control, so you just need to find the best way to manage it, which can be done by simply just accepting and reflecting.   By accepting that things can happen beyond your control and choosing to be comfortable with it, is more likely to bring you a greater peace of mind. If you view change as an opportunity to learn and grow, rather than as a setback it will allow you the freedom and the power to move forward in your life and with business.

Finally embrace the positives, this may be a tough ask, but focusing on all the good things can really help you manage change as you plan for the future. While seeking positive aspects might not be obvious to begin with, it is definitely worth seeking them out no matter how small they might be.  Always try to make the best of the situation.