Secretary Note | Protecting your People

There has been a lot of talk in the media and through social channels recently about burnout, mental health, and wellbeing, topics talked about as a direct result from the pandemic over the past few years and of which have heavily affected our economic activity, employment and the way we work.  Many employees managed to struggle through the prolonged uncertainty of the future, job security, lockdowns and isolations, however those struggles, plus a host of other pandemic-related grievances are still here, they are real and not going away anytime soon.  All these after affects have certainly proven the level of importance for Employers to ensure that wellbeing is firmly top of mind for their staff.   Although we are now managing to live with COVID-19 in our communities, on the horizon is another stressful life worry, soaring inflation, power and food prices. Adding this financial worry to the mix of an already fatigued and fragile nation, stress levels have excelled creating even more pressure on staff both mentally and physically.  This means that staff wellbeing must be taken seriously in good and bad times, and if not, businesses will reap the knock-on effects of this, with loss in productivity, reoccurring mistakes, and more absenteeism’s.

To assist our membership, especially our small to medium businesses we have engaged with some new partnerships that offer valuable knowledge in health, wellbeing & safety.  As employers you can begin to change the cultures within your workplace, encourage healthy minds and protect your people.   By offering benefits, advice and support to your staff they will feel valued and will learn to adopt behaviours that will improve their wellbeing which will create a happier, healthier and more productive workplace environment.

To find out more about what the Association can offer with this pathway, go to our members section on our website to view Safety Charter Health, Safety and Well-being workshops, toolbox resources and peer-to peer advice groups, an amazing insurance group discount for staff and their families with nib Health Insurance Association Scheme, plus discounted EWP courses with Goleman Training. Our newest partnership is with Business Advantage, where they are helping us out with workshops and advice on creating good cultures, looking after your people, succession planning and other business practices of which workshops will begin in our regional meetings and be made available online also.  We have the benefits; all you need to do as a business owner is get started on protecting your people.