Ross’s Rant November. Several Topics, Some Good, Some Funny and Some Informative

This months rant is a multi rant!

First up… Letterheads, in less than a few days on the 20th of this month Letterheads is being held at Field Signs, Ellerslie, Auckland.  Besides a record turnout there is a good proportion of young people attending which is great to see, as for a long time it has been just the usual old farts.  This change was encouraged by Chris Field and supported by the NZSDA offering ten complimentary registrations for Apprentices to attend.  It is good to see this change and I hope this event will get stronger as the young guns tell other young guns about how awesome it was.

Although, Letterheads is fully booked out, if you’re passing, I encourage you to pop in and have a look around, see what its all about, you never know you may even register for next year if you like what you see!  Letterheads is not a competition it’s about like minded people getting together, having some fun and practising some of the old skills and in the immortal words of Elvis “talking some crap with the boys and girls”.  THIS IS GOOD.

A signie the other day received a digital print from another sign company, with the express purpose obviously to install it somewhere or judging by the look of the print it was probably a repair job,
there was just one problem, no job sheet and the tube that it came in was not labelled from the sender!  Surely this was not sent from an NZSDA member, they don’t do that sort of thing,  do they?  THIS IS FUNNY.

Conference and Expo are just around the corner and we would love to see a good turnout next year in Auckland.  I touched on this subject last month, but I am going to hound everyone by reminding them “ to start planning for conference, it is never too early”.  All details regarding the programme and events will hopefully be out before Christmas, so you will be able to see what a great job Melissa is doing.

Also our Annual NZSDA Golf Tournament will be held in Auckland this year, details will be posted out this month so you can start to get your team together.

If you haven’t supplied us with your updated contact details for the NZSDA Diary you are probably too late.  THIS IS INFORMATIVE

You may remember in one of my earlier rants I gave several examples of things signies hate to hear. If you have any funny stories or examples  please don’t hesitate to drop me a line and I’ll pop them into my next “ THINGS SIGNIES HATE TO HEAR” segment.  This providing they are good of course. This is a class publication you know!


Good Signing