Ross’s Rant – March

Congratulations Ross for winning the Brand Awareness Competition!

The NZSDA Brand Awareness Competition was published in two Sign-e News over a two month period, only one person submitted images proving to us how they value being a member of the NZSDA and that person was …………. ME!

The most gratifying thing that has come from this is that we have spent thousands of dollars on promoting our brand to our industry and other industries in various publications nationwide.  The main message is encouraging the public to use an NZSDA member to “Get the job done right, the first time”!   I have been around, (the country) and on my travels I would estimate that 85% of our members have not got in public view our NZSDA logo on any part of their premises, vehicles or stationery.  So with this said and under the present situation, when the public are looking for an NZSDA member to do their work,  bear in mind that that you will most likely not receive their business because they can’t see any NZSDA logos.  So I say,  “Get your job done right, the first time and get the NZSDA logo printed on everything!

If this one simply task was carried out amongst our members then I would not get the same question asked all the time …“what do I get out of being a member of the NZSDA”, the results would be evident.  Comply,  participate and keep upto date on all industry information and you will reap the benefits as your business grows.

So taking the time and effort to even read the e-news would be a bloody good start – Keep upto date.

Our upcoming Expo is less than 3 months away and we encourage those members who have never attended one of our events, whether conferences, expo or awards, to just do it,  I guarantee you will not regret it.  – Participate.

Some of the board members have formed a small working group to focus on the upcoming Careers Expos, they are busy planning the site concepts, information, training courses and websites to direct young school leavers to.  By fostering and offering them a platform where they can learn parts of our trade, get some pre-training completed in health and safety, first aid and height so they can be better prepared to enter our industry and when they approach future employers they have the basics under their belt and are ready to start.


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