Retaining current and attracting new staff

We know that being an employer in the sign industry under the current climate of a growing industry with not enough trained workers is tough! Couple this with employees feeling confident about their prospects in the current hiring market, is enough to leave you somewhat concerned about your top performers walking out the door. You can’t always stop that, but here are some tips on how to minimise the risk of staff turnover.

Last month we pointed out that flexibility in the workplace was the top benefit that employees look for. This month we gather a few more points on how your workplace could retain current and attract new staff. Have a read, and think – Can you put a big tick next to all the points below?

1. Good workplace communication

A lack of communication is a common complaint made by employees, so making sure you are proactively connecting with each team member with constructive and positive communication is a must. The communication lines should be open both ways, and this will ensure you get a good idea of their job satisfaction, a sense of their workload, keep them informed, but most importantly, invites them to share their thoughts. As a result, this shows them that they are valued.

2. A need for work/life balance.

A good work-life balance is crucial to job satisfaction, and good employers should recognise and retain a good balance for all team members. Necessary late nights to finish a project, for example, could be compensated by giving them time off somewhere else.

3. Create career pathways and provide training.

This helps grow the employee within the business. It promotes their effectiveness to the company and their self-worth. These not only help the employee become better in their role but have the positive side effect of showing that you are invested in them.

4.Recognition and rewards

Employees who feel appreciated work harder and stay with the same employer for longer. Be the employer that shows your appreciation, and give a “thanks’ when due, it will increase those personal feel-good vibes. In turn, this creates loyalty and some businesses even go as far as incentivising hard work, great ideas and innovation with a recognition and rewards program.

5. Teamwork and Culture Encourage employees to contribute ideas and solutions, as this will promote opportunities for employees to feel listened to and valued. Giving everyone the opportunity to collaborate to make decisions and share ideas with one another giving individuals a sense of pride and satisfaction within their job and also creates a great culture