Presidents Post | June

Balance…..a hard thing to find.

My personal opinion.

As business owners we all know the success of our venture ultimately comes down to bloody hard work and dedication to achieving our goals. The harder we work the better the returns will be in the long run. Success is great and what we are taught to strive for in our lives and everyone’s idea of what success is, is different.

During my career I have been lucky to have had many business friends and associates who I have learnt from over the years. Some things learnt from these peers and applied in my work life have been detrimental to my home life and visa versa. But the most important lesson, which has only come to light with me in the last few years, is “balance”.

We all only get one ride of the merry go round of life so we better enjoy it. I have watched friends work themselves to death, marriages driven apart, children grow without parents around to grow with them, all for the want of success.

Do you really need to finish this invoice before you go home, does the fascia actually have to go up on Friday rather than going tramping for that long weekend with the kids. The opportunities to make money and grow your business will always be there……your kids and your peace of mind may not.

I love running a business, I love the achievements my career has afforded me, but the thing I most love is the realisation that BALANCE is my new definition of success.

Stop and smell the roses, have that extra day off, catch that football game with the kids these are the things we remember, these are the things that are more important.

Now what are you doing sitting around reading my drivel get back to work.