Presidents Post | February

And the winner is……

The New Zealand Sign & Display Awards of Excellence is the sign industries premium gala event. Guys and girls who are more used to paint and vinyl stuck to the bottom of their shoes and spreading sunscreen over the parts of their bodies that aren’t wearing hi vis, get the opportunity to go all out with the grooming, evening wear, cocktails and fine dining.

Blow the cobwebs off the old high heals, send the favourite cocktail dress to the dry cleaners or rent or buy that smooth looking tux that would put Mr Bond to shame. Let me tell you if you haven’t experienced an awards night its something you got to do at least once in your career, and for me personally a real highlight.

As an entrant, seeing your efforts displayed alongside work by some of the premium sign makers in our country is not only humbling but extremely exciting. Coming away from this event with an award is a great achievement and something to be very proud of. However, winning is only one part of the journey and not really the biggest or most satisfying one, compared to building a successful business.

As business owners and sign makers we strive to make our businesses better, improving quality and innovation in how we do things and what we create. You don’t need a bearded, leather satchel wearing marketing graduate, with pointy shoes to tell us that having a “point of difference” in the operation and marketing of our business is paramount to success.

Striving to be the best is a real powerful point of difference.

Each new job can be special, another potential award, applying the dedication and effort needed to reach the standard can only make the final product better.  Promoting to your potential clients and becoming known for high quality national award worthy work will become the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal.

So the next time a fresh faced kid comes in to your shop looking for “some of those magnetic sign things” for his new Ute’s door, maybe picture him driving away in his National Award Winning Vehicle Wrap…. And if it did happen, do you think he’s going to tell his friends????

Get your photos ready, get online and put in those entries, dig that tie out of the wardrobe, book your tickets and get yourself to the NZ Sign & Display Awards of Excellence, Auckland 2021.

See you there.