Presidents Post – December

ROLL ON 2023

So another year is almost at an end. Another great year for NZSDA with most of our great plans coming to fruition, a great conference and awards in Queenstown, continuation of Signee implementation, fostering sustainability initiatives and building confidence in the future of our industry. It has been a stressful and uncertain time over the last couple of years and with most of those concerns starting to subside we can again concentrate on moving forward with a real positive focus.

Signee will be pushing forward with a strong new drive next year, so exciting things to come on the training front together with our training provider Te Pukenga.

We are welcoming some new faces to our board along with their ideas and passion, these will be announced in the new year.

We also continue to welcome our members to let us know of any initiatives and ideas they have to continue the betterment of our industry as a whole, as working together is key to moving forward and we need to know what you want to work on.

I would like to thank all the NZSDA crew and our great suppliers and sponsors for their work again this year. We can all be proud as an industry of how well we have weathered the storm of recent Covid reaction-induced mayhem and continue to build a strong future for our businesses and our industry.

Merry Christmas fellow signees and all the best for 2023, I look forward to working beside you all next year and personally welcome the world moving on.

Cheers, Andy