Playing it Safe in Alert Level 2

All the procedures you put in place for Level 3 – physical distancing, contact tracing, hygiene procedures and contactless deliveries/pick-ups – will remain in place at Level 2.

Your workplace safety practices will be even more important as people extend their personal bubbles to much wider groups, so you need to ensure your workplace bubble is not compromised. At Level 2 higher risk people (based on medical conditions/age) are able to come back to work if they agree with their employer that they are safe to do so.

You will be able to have customers/suppliers come in to your premises, but you must have contract tracing in place for them too, and you must continue to keep everyone at least a metre apart, so you need to think carefully about how you manage this. Likewise those of you with sales reps that may be back visiting customers will need to ensure they understand the rules.

Its important to raise your safety standards for “high touch points” in your workplace, this means scheduled cleaning, roster staff into bubbles for breaks and at all times maintain the 1 metre rule in communal or office areas.

Below are some tips on vehicle use in the workplace:

* Keep air-con on ‘fresh air’ option NOT recycle air.
* 1 metre distance rule also applies in vehicles, therefore only two people to a car or PPE must be worn if closer than 1 metre.
* If sharing vehicles sanitized after every use, especially high touch points like door handles, steering wheel, gear stick etc.
* If possible decrease travel and assign particular workers for site visits, deliveries or installs.
* Keep washing hands and use elbows to sneeze or cough into.
* If you are unwell stay at home, save lives!

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