NZSDA Update | 2021 Is On The Horizon

Setting the scene for 2021 is what we have planned for the next few months and like many we are looking forward to a fresh, uncomplicated start to the new year – whatever it may bring as we all learn to live with COVID-19.  One thing that we have learnt this year in order to survive this crisis is that we can’t stand still, we must keep moving forward and planning for the future, with vision and guts so we can determine how we can learn to shape a different future, one that will have the longevity and will support the enhancements and adjustments we have had to make and will continue to for our livelihoods, our businesses and the future of our industry.

Some adjustments and enhancements we have been researching and developing to maintain the longevity in the future of sign making are around sustainability and innovation with technology.  Discovering ways for our industry to become more sustainable is a topic front of mind for us and for many of our sign makers.  We have begun an investigation into some of our sign shops earlier this year gathering thoughts around how our industry can do better in this environment and economy as it sits today, the problems they face with product waste and how to reduce this in a cost effective way.   This project we have begun will be around developing product stewardship programmes that will demand planning and support from industry suppliers as well as our sign makers to make it a successful outcome for our industry.

Moving into innovation and technology is another hot topic that has risen to the top of most industries, populated by the COVID crisis.   Usually at this time of year we would be updating our members contact details for our annual printed publication, the NZSDA Diary, which historically has been sent out every year to our members.  This year has brought about a change in mind set, it has made us think a bit differently, as we all know technology advanced at such a rapid pace during the COVID lockdown months and the expectation of ensuring our industry keeps advancing with technology and the changes it presents is something that we know that the next generation expects.  So, we sent out a survey, Diary, or no Diary?  And in five simple Yes / No questions the outcome became very obvious, the diary over recent years has since lost its appeal, it’s not really seen as a great advantage or benefit to our members anymore and so therefore its looking like it may become redundant for 2021 and future years.  With over 70% of members seeing that the funds used to publish the diary should go into new initiatives, and over 60% not using the diary for its main purpose, gives us the confidence to start developing a more interactive, technology focused application for all our sign makers to use 24/7, anywhere at any time.  By changing the way that the industry views information or connects through interactive functions will give freedom to work better, more efficiently and more professionally.

Big change always has its challenges and all change has a purpose, from this, success arrives no matter the outcomes as a difference has been made or lessons have been learnt.  So, lets bring on more change and challenges as we look ahead into 2021, knowing no matter what change will happen we have the vision and the purpose and we know it will benefit the industry in the long run.