NZSDA Logo Update Competition

Inviting all willing and able logo designers!

Other than the name, a logo is the face of any brand. Therefore, it is vital that its appearance and first impressions are accurately communicated, as this sets the foundation for brand identity. The truth is, no logo can stay relevant forever. As times change, brands evolve and logo design, like anything, goes through trends. What worked once, begins to feel tired after time. Therefore, the time has come for a NZSDA logo redesign, to simply refresh and bring it in line with current design sensibilities and reflect our current brand, the best it can. We are giving NZSDA members the opportunity to take part in this redesign. We want you to design a new logo, that will be put to the public vote.  It is important that the NZSDA logo feels current and tells the right story about us as an association, and who better to know our story than you, our NZSDA Members.

The Criteria that must be met:

  • Entry must include 4 logo variants including:
  1. A logo without a tagline (doesn’t have to have “NZSDA” or wording)
  2. With the tagline “Quality. Integrity. Service”
  3. With the tagline “Member of “
  4. A reversed logo, for use on dark backgrounds.
  • Logo must be immediately identifiable and unique to our association
  • Logo must retain the Blue ( CMYK 99 88 15 3 or RGB 38 65 135) and Red (CMYK 0 100 97 0 or RGB 236 28 38) with the addition of black and white acceptable. No introduction of a new colour.
  • Logo must be presented in an EPS and PNG file format.


  • A logo doesn’t necessarily have to contain wording, could be a symbol, think Nike tick or the Mcdonalds Golden Arches
  • Be sure to consider ways to maintain our brand’s integrity and identifiable design elements at the same time as you focus on updating for a more modern feel.
  • It’s not a good idea to blindly redesign the logo according to current trends. Trends, as we all know, are fleeting.
  • It’s important to consider where the logo will appear. Remember it must work in a variety of places. From car branding to web.

Entries are open now, and submissions will close August the 6th , when your design will be put out to the public vote. The winner is deemed to have the highest amount of votes by the 30th of August.

Here you will find the current  NZSDA Logo Guidelines, which may help you with the design process.

Any questions, please contact

Good luck!