New Business Partnership for NZSDA Members | Health Insurance

Health insurance for a healthy business

At NZSDA we are continually exploring new ways to offer value to our members, helping you to grow your business in an increasingly competitive market. We understand that central to good business, is quality staff. By looking after your employees, they’ll add to the success of your business.

Health insurance can improve retention, improve productivity and reduce the business risk associated with non-availability of staff. We want to offer you an affordable opportunity to use this key benefit to attract and retain the staff you want.

Advice Financial has negotiated a special offer with nib on our behalf. As a member of NZSDA, you now have access to special rates and terms not normally available.  We have asked Advice Financial to make contact with each of you individually to explain the benefits of the NZSDA Healthcare Plan.

nib Premier Health Business™

The NZSDA healthcare plan is based on nib Premier Health Business™ Base Cover.  You can opt to subsidise cover for your staff with or without an excess option.

Base Cover provides high levels of health cover, with up to $300,000 per insured person per policy year for hospital-surgical treatment and up to $200,000 for hospital-medical treatment, including cancer care.

If your employees choose to increase their cover with optional add-ons, or add family members to their policy, they will be able to access the discounted rates of the NZSDA Healthcare Plan. Advice Financial will be able to offer personalised advice on the options available to your employees and their families.

Pre-existing conditions

If you take up the offer, your employees will get cover for pre-existing conditions if they join within the first 90 days of being eligible for the NZSDA Healthcare Plan. This means your employees are covered for any eligible conditions that may have developed before the insurance policy began.

Pre-existing condition cover will be extended to employees’ immediate family if they opt to add them to the policy within the 90-day period

Find out more

Please find the Premier Health Business™ brochure  HERE, which outlines the benefits of the policy. Jamie Coltman, of Advice Financial and his team will be going over this great offer with you all in the coming months. We have asked Jamie and his team to get in touch with you after these meetings to go through the finer details of the plan and discuss how you can maximise this unique opportunity for your business.

If you would like to contact the team at Advice Financial, direct call them on either 0800 10 22 64 or email Hamish at or