Mana Influencer Award | Leanne Freeman, Sign FX

Sponsored by PSP Ltd, this award is presented to a person within the industry whom has been nominated for their prestige and character. This award celebrates and acknowledges an outstanding individual, that is both influential and courageous.  This person stands with confidence for their beliefs and supports and encourages others with theirs.  This influencer has gone above and beyond to embrace cultural diversities in the workplace which has led to a very positive and inclusive workplace culture.  Leading with dignity, purpose and clarity is a clever combination, which clearly earns respect and trust that an influencer represents.  This one-of-a-kind person holds simple values; be respectful, be kind and compassionate and always look for ways to continually contribute to the industry, workplace, community, and people.

The winner of the 2022 Mana Influencer Award is Leanne Freeman, Sign FX Auckland.

Leanne, “The Sign Lady”, was nominated by her proud team at Sign FX. They say the time she creates for her employees, and what she gives back is what makes her so special. She encourages personal growth, she is supportive, kind and compassionate, and influences others to do the same.

Leanne responds to the award by saying, “I have been in the sign industry for over 30 plus years and have had my own business for nearly 26 of those years. My philosophy has always been to teach & empower. Very early on I realised to have a successful business I needed to surround myself with a team who would take pride and ownership of their careers and be dedicated to their craft. I feel this award vindicates my dedication to what I hope is making positive changes to an individual’s pathway. It also symbolises how it is much more fun working with a team instead of just for yourself.”
Congratulations Leanne, the team at Sign FX are proud as punch to be working with you, and rightly so!