Making Your Point in Public

Fake news saturates a billion social media feeds. Questionable claims and outright lies flash across screens, disappearing into the digital mist before they can be challenged.   The peddlers of untruth aim to sway your thinking without being held accountable. People are being fed misinformation, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it …    Or is there? 

The power of paper, paste and a single-minded message.

Led By Donkeys is a movement started by four Brits who were disturbed at the way misleading claims had swayed the Brexit vote. They collected evidence of politicians’ duplicity and foolishness in the form of tweets and quotes. Then they plastered these damning words on street-level billboards across the UK.

Some prize specimens:

“There is no plan for no deal, because we’re going to get a great deal.”

  • Boris Johnson

“I believe it is clearly in our national interest to remain a member of the EU.”

  • Theresa May

“The day after we leave, we hold all the cards and we can choose the path we want.”

  • Michael Gove

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So why did Lions Led By Donkeys choose posters to make their point? When you print your message and paste it up for all to see, you’re being up-front with the public. As one of the activists said, “Doing something that is real and out on the streets has really resonated with people.”  “Something real and out on the streets.” That’s the power of street posters.

If you have a strong point to make, a brand that should be more famous, or an event that really deserves attention, you belong in the street. Call Phantom Billstickers