Keith Langstone Highflyer Award | Jordan Garven, Identity Signs

Keith Langstone believed in acknowledging and rewarding young people making their mark in our industry. The Keith Langstone Highflyer Award, sponsored by Roland DG, is presented to a rising star within the industry, a young future thinker, a trail blazer of the industry that clearly embodies what it takes to get the job done and continually setting high standards.  They demonstrate traits such as passion for the industry and the craft, dedication to their employer and customers, and commitment to always excelling, going above and beyond – resulting in achieving exceptional outcomes and reputation. 

The winner of the 2022 Keith Langstone Highflyer Award is Jordan Garven of Identity Signs, Christchurch

Paul Walters, director of Identity Signs nominated Jordan for his 10 years of extemely notable committment and pride in his work – Learning, practicing and ultimately mastering the many skills required in the industry, resulting in multiple sign awards over the years. Jordan has the ability to understand a customers needs, and can run the business, from initial customer queries, through to design and implementation. Paul believes Jordans’ dedication to Identity Signs and their brand is what makes them such a successful small business. 

Jordan responds to the award by saying, “It’s rare to have someone believe in you, invest in you and give you everything you need to grow. I was lucky enough to have this opportunity, so grasped it with both hands. Paul Walters has given me that chance and gives me the freedom to be creative without boundaries. And for that I am very thankful. When you work hard around the clock, learning all that you can, living and breathing what you are passionate about, it eventually manifests into success. This is now evident to me, being the first ever to receive the Keith Langstone Highflyer Award. Receiving this award validates all the hours and hard work that has got me to where I am. It solidifies my place in the industry and I hope it inspires the next generation to push boundaries, find your passion and stick at it. It is an honour to receive this award and getting this kind of recognition for your work is absolutely priceless. “
Congratulations Jordan, the award is very well deserved; the industry is lucky to have you!