Introducing Squid: The world’s first transparent self-adhesive window fabric.

We are excited to announce Computaleta are the new and exclusive supplier of self-adhesive window fabric, Squid. Made in Belgium by highly-respected textile company, Lampe Textiles NV, Squid is a revolutionary printable textile that provide one-way vision properties during the daytime.

As a textile, it adds a warm, natural and minimalist finish to interior windows and glass, and provides a great alternative to traditional PVC window films.

It can be printed, to add extra texture and design to branded windows, or used as a high-end alternative to frosted film. Given it has a more soft, warm and natural finish, it can change the ambience of any space.

The breathable fabric can deflect between 25 to 36 per cent of the sun’s energy, depending on the colour, reducing the solar heat gain during summer months.
Sales and Marketing Manager at Computaleta, Steve Maclean, said: “With privacy, sun protection, printability and a textile look and feel, Squid provides a unique solution within our extensive range of glass and interior decor films, and present substantial commercial and design possibilities.”
The entire range of Squid will be in stock in October 2019. For a sneak peek or more information, contact Steve