Innovation Champion | Logan Sutton, Future Grafix

Sponsored by Total Supply, this award has been created to acknowledge those businesses and or individuals that are exceptional future thinkers at leading change with innovative sustainable practices within our industry.   The biggest new shift in signage is working towards finding ways to innovate eco-friendly sign processes and products.  This sign business would have considered using environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, made efforts to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and to provide a more sustainable work environment. This business may also be seen to demonstrate leadership and vision within the sign industry and may havemade efforts to enable their customers to meet their own environmental objectives.

The 2022 Innovative Champion is Logan Sutton, Future Grafix, New Plymouth.

Logan and his team at Future Grafix represent all that this award stands for. Since Logan and his teams’ sustainability journey began, investments have been made into providing greener alternatives. Latex printers have replaced solvent printers, purchases of more energy efficient machinery have been made and Future Grafix participate in waste recycling programs. Future Grafix are concerned about the amount of signage going to landfill, and have swapped out some traditional signage solutions to solutions which have lower environmental impact. Logan is passionate about providing solutions and for clients to make the transition to become greener easy and he challenges suppliers to offer new products. For quoting, if a greener solution can be offered, Future Grafix quote both options, offering sample packs and discounts for the greener alternative. Future Grafix are leading positive change in our industry and will inspire others to do the same. Logan responds to the award by saying; ‘I am thrilled, a little surprised and so very proud of our team. We have been on this journey for quite a few years now, and still have a long, long way to go. Our commitment has always been to our clients and helping them meet their sustainability (and other) goals, no matter the obstacles. They have stretched us, encouraged us, and pushed us to reach further and constantly strive to do better. So really, this award is for them.”

Congratulations Logan, you inspire the industry with your future thinking, an award truly deserved.