Going Digital with the Personalised Touch.

If you’re going to “go digital” (LED) by advertising to people as they get about their daily lives, then why not send them a personalised message and actually engage with them on more personal and individual level?  For some of us, it is hard to get our heads around “going digital” as we all seem more familiar and understand the more traditional print and fixed sign media, so how can “digital” work in a client situation.

One thing is certain with digital signage, is instead of having just one message displayed at one time on one sign, your message and images can change upto every 8 seconds which then gives you the opportunity to ‘talk’ to your customer through a series of messages.  Have a look at this video CLICK HERE and see what the clever people at General Motors have done by taking this even one step further and actually interacting with passing customers, all controlled by a computer and some clever software.

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-Dave Jaques, Digital Signs