Get your sign to reach out, shoulder tap and connect with motorist’s or pedestrian’s

Up until now we’ve all been in the business of making really fancy signs for our clients, to market their wares, to their prospective customers.

I presume you all know we’re not actually in the business of just sign-writing, but in fact we are professional marketing agencies, and it just happens to be sign writing that is our medium of choice? Clients come to get us to help them communicate who they are, what they do well, and they expect us to help them achieve that.

Imagine if your sign was not just static, but could actually reach right out and ‘tap’ someone on the shoulder as they drove by?

Signage has taken that next step in its ongoing evolution by going ‘digital’.  We’ve moved from the paint brush, through vinyl, through to full colour graphic print wrap and now effectively  marketing electronic screens where the message can be changed at any time with just a click of a mouse.

You may have seen them in bus shelters in your local city or town, suspended from the ceiling in shopping centres and large screens displayed on top of big poles near motorways and busy intersections, wherever there is enough traffic to justify them.  Smaller screens are also being utilised effectively at fast food counters and in store windows.

Today, technology is going even further and being managed by external factors like the worlds largest fast food brand McDonalds, where they book the digital screen so far in advance so they receive the best time slots, but actually not submitting or creating the content until the day of the campaign.  This therefore gives them the advantage to creat campaigns according to climate or events that are current in the city.  ie. On a hot day they may advertise nice cold thick shakes, or on a cold day a nice warm coffee and brownie.

Lexus (luxury cars by Toyota) have taken AI (artificial intelligence) to even the next level by using cameras to detect the model of the approaching car, then displaying an advertisement likely to have more impact to that person. This could be a reward for driving a Lexus (“Great car, do you want the latest one”) or give the driver a wind (“Hey BMW driver, try the new Lexus”) – see the video here:

When a customer approaches you to help them advertise for more business, consider how a LED display can help them achieve that. Give one of the team at Digital Signs a call on 0508 4 Video (0508 484 336) and see how we can help you, help your customers.